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What is this page ?

This page is a bitcoin faucet, a place where you will be able to claim your first bitcoins for free and see how bitcoin really works without buy bitcoin. At this moments we already spread more than 6 BTC around the world :) This is our contribution to the bitcoin world, we hope this can be helpful users like you, so you can spread the word about bitcoin benefits. Remember this is a place for people who wants to start and learn about bitcoin.
How does this site work?

Simple! First, login with a valid bitcoin address. Next, click the "Get Reward" button and after a quick verification that you are in fact a human, bitcoin will be immediately credited to your account. You can return as often as every 1999 minutes to claim more free bitcoin, The rewards goes to your Bitcoin Address using You can cash out it at any time. It's the most efficient way to maximize your free bitcoin income, Dont forget our 10% referral comission!!